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  1. This was it! I never even noticed that dial there before. I ended up realizing it had something to do with the viewfinder after I took the pictures off of my camera and realized that they were in fact in focus. Too bad I didn't know about that function when I still wore glasses. Thanks for the help!
  2. I have a Sony A7II for a couple of years now. When I last used the camera a couple of weeks ago, everything seemed fine. When I picked it up again today, I noticed that the focus wasn't working well. I have tried the different focus settings, I've tried manual and auto and this doesn't seem to have fixed it. When I'm on manual focus and force it to do an auto focus, it will make the typical sound and the focus will improve, but it's still way off. When I manually adjust the focus, it gets better, but at it's best, it is still way off. I tried switching the lens with a different one and there was no improvement. When I look at the view screen, the display text (such as the ISO value, shutter speed, etc) look fine. When I look at them through the view finder, they are also blurry. I don't believe that the camera was dropped or that any settings were changed between now and my last use. Thoughts?
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