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  1. UPDATE: I think the problem is the videos that are fine I recorded in 8 bit, and the ones I can not open and use are in 10 bit. Any solution around this? I am using a mac running Catalina version 10.15.7. Hope to get some help on this, Im shooting video with my A7iv as I usually do: XAVC SHD, 30p Frame rate, 10 bit. Recording onto a fast V90 card. I did alot of videos in a day, and when I opened the folder, my files looks fine until a certain point where all the files cant be opened. I can hear audio in it but trying to see video in different ways only gives me an error message. The interesting thing is I can play all the videos just fine from my camera, so I am holding on to hope they can still be used. Below is a screenshot of the folder in my SD card where you see videos on top looking fine, and then the rest are having this problem. This is for a client, can anyone help or have suggestions? Thank you UPDATE:
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