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  1. Hey gang. Thanks. Sorry, my brain didn't come up with just removing my flash from the hotshoe so I could flip the LCD screen up and over to see what actually happened when I hit the shutter button on the remote. I am coming from a NEX-6 which didn't have the ability to flip the screen out like this.. or at least I wasn't aware it could do that. I am happy to say that YES, it DOES zoom/track the eye as soon as you hit the button! For reference, I am using the Sony RMT-DSLR2 IR remote. Thanks again, Jeff
  2. I stupidly forgot to just turn off the AF w/Shutter setting, and can see that it is now highlighting in white when it finds a face, but it doesn't appear to be tracking eyes or anything, so that part of my question still stands. Thanks! Jeff
  3. Hey gang, I routinely use my A6400 with the Sony IR remote to take progress pictures of myself relating to fitness. I have continuous autofocus enabled as well as the tracking expand flexible spot which should do the eye tracking from what I know, however I don't know if this works ONLY if the shutter is half-pressed physically on the camera body. I can't see the screen when I am taking the pictures with the remote in my hand since I can't flip it up when I use the external hot shoe flash, so I don't know if the little green square is zooming in on my eye or head from across the room, or not. If not, is there a recommended tracking setup I should be using instead of expand flexible spot to make sure that I am in focus when taking these remote pics? Thanks, Jeff
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