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  1. One more issue with the a7III is the lack of playmemory apps, especially the timelapse app
  2. Yup, battery is a mixed thing. The new Z batteries is absolutely amazing. But I also have a set of the old batteries that I could directly used with the a6500
  3. Hi Everyone so the annual upgrade itch starts again and I'm thinking of upgrading my Sony NEX 6 (4 years old now) to something better. I currently own a lot of vintage lenses (with e mount adapters) and a e-mount 7artisans 7.5mm fisheye lens so would ideally want to stay in sony. My options are and why i want to move there Move to Sony a6500 (cost being 83k) - 4K video - In body image stabilization, amazingly useful as my vintage lenses have no stabilization at all - Great AF system - Can continue to use the pancake kit lens from my NEX6 - Still an APSC sensor, almost similar image quality to NEX6 Move to Sony A7RIII (cost being 1.5L body only) - Almost the same advantages as above - Full frame sensor - Will need to get a new kit lens for full frame - Crazy good low light performance what would you advise? Considering that I shoot mostly for fun and bit and pieces of professional work. I'm not counting in the reselling price for my Sony NEX 6, will need to check that as well
  4. Did some more shooting and I'm loving the lens. Its sharp even at wide open though the chromatic aberration is pretty bad. Good lens, just need to build the strength to hold it steady.
  5. Will have to give this a shot. Did you make it at home? Or get it constructed
  6. Wow, will find and compare these lenses. Might have to save up a bit, but if the new lenses are so much better then it'll be worth it
  7. Has anyone used the Vivatar SMS 75-300mm . My latest toy arrived today. It was a gamble since couldn't get a lot of reviews on this when I decided to purchase it. Here it is, mounted with an MD adapter and ready for the shoot Did some shooting on the day before Makar Sankranti, The indian fighting kite festival. It seems like anamazingly sharp piece of the lens. The push and pull mechanism takes a little getting used to and the focussing on the tele end is tough (it takes like afraction of a rotation to take it from focus to out of focus). It also has an extendable lens hood, something i did not count on but am starting to love some pics Amazingly quick to zoom and focus when you get used to it. It's quite sharp even at the tele end at wide open and f/8 handles flaring really well, does decently well shooting into the sun Not the best bokeh among my collection of lenses. But does really well on getting the fine detail. Really need to figure out how to get a mount point bracket so I can put this on a tripod. It's very unbalanced if I mount it on the camera mount Will try to do some more shoots with this. Do share feedback, tips, or your experiences
  8. Well, guess getting the remote is the only way to go.
  9. Of the ND filter, that's what I've started to realize. No bulb mode no filter shots Ok, so the touchless shutter does bulb mode only in the a7 and a7 II the remote app does bulb mode only in the a6000 and above
  10. Don't want to blow money on this at this time. Plus one more peice of tech that I'll lose
  11. I've gotten a set of ND filters and am absolutely dying to use bulb mode. I don't have an IR trigger though and was wondering if there is another way to do bulb mode without the keep the shutter button pressed. Can the touchless shutter or remote app help me?
  12. Some help here? Or am i the only one who purchased the app
  13. This is absolutely stunning, what ISO did you use for these shots. Was the milky way visible to the naked eye in these places? Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  14. Recently purchased the cinematic photo app for my NEX6. super easy to use and in camera the images looked amazing. Very disappointed to learn that they were being saved at a VGA resolution, plus there seems no way to get HD resolution from them. In this day and age, with a camera shooting 16MP why would i want to be limited to only VGA? Is there any way to change this? Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
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