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  1. Unfortunately, it still remains as the same problem. I did find my warranty for the camera, and on paper it actually says that it's good for 5 years. However, Sony's customer support keeps insisting that warranties for the A7RIII are only good one year and they refuse to double check the warranty ID to double check on it.
  2. Thank you for you input VTC & XKAES, I spoke with a local camera shop about repairing the camera, and they mentioned that there is, in fact, another facility that repairs Sony Cameras called "Chris Camera Services" nearby in Phoenix Arizona, (if anyone else is interested in alternative options besides Precision Camera). Sony does not have it listed as the closest repair shop, though the people at Chris Camera Services are certified by Sony. This shop has far more positive reviews, and I'll be sending it off there for repair tomorrow. On a side note, I'm not here to argue with you guys about the wisdom behind using my A7RIII as a camera for recording professional tutorials and consultations. My clients buy my products & services for both its quality and professionalism. Having a A7RIII certainly does add a fair degree of "quality" and "professionalism" to what my company offers, and this camera ought to be perfectly capable of doing so without dying out in less than two years because I plugged in a usb cable. Besides, as I've mentioned previously, I also gain dual-use out of it through side-gig wedding photography and landscape shooting. Being that I have consultations & deadlines due by next week, I will need to buy another camera between now and whenever this repair may be completed. So, unless someone at Sony can tell me about some magical way to fix to this problem, I imagine that I will be gradually switching over to either Cannon or Nikon because of this experience. I need to be able to troubleshoot my own equipment and achieve fast turn-around times if something goes wrong, and that does not seem to be possible at the moment with Sony DSLR cameras. If anyone else has a solution for, or can identify - what two slowly flashing red lights followed by three fast ones means, then I would truly appreciate the help. If I can get an idea of what this error message means, then I can probably get a more accurate estimate from the repair shop of when I may be able to get my camera operational again. Thank you, - Tyler
  3. I've been rotating between two Sony batteries plus the incoming power from the USB-C chord. In order for this to be a battery issue, both batteries would have to had died at the same time, so I imagine that scenario is unlikely. When charging batteries, I use an AC adapter. It would seem that I would get better service from Nikon or Canon based on conversations I've had with repair shops that are closer to Colorado, the only third-party repair shop suggested by Sony is Precision Camera - which across the country with very low google review ratings, and according to what I see online, Sony continually ranks the worst compared to the other companies when it comes to camera repair. When I bought my A7RIII, I just assumed that it was made well and wouldn't just die from usage after a year and 1/2, so I didn't look into the repair process at the time. Does anyone know of another company besides Precision Camera that fixes Sony cameras? I've read absolute horror stories about Precision Camera, and I really want more options than that when it comes to repairing my camera.
  4. So, to answer various questions about the situation, here are some more details: 1. I use this as a webcam and for the occasional landscape/wedding photography shoot. The reason why I went with such an expensive option is because I sell online tutorials and technical consultations for work. In my opinion, the video quality from the A7RIII makes my business look great, and I get a double-usage out of it as a hobby/side work camera. 2. I turn the camera off at the end of the day, but it still gets a lot of miles in with at least 8-10 hours a day of work. 3. Nothing has changed in terms of environmental factors. The camera has been mostly sitting on a tripod, and the last time I took it out was a few months back for a wedding shoot. So, overall, it's not exposed to environmental problems. 4. The lens, and settings have not changed for months due to the fact that it just stands on the tripod and records video. When it died, it was just standing there like usual with no immediate changes being made. 5. The red light is towards the back of the camera next to the memory card slots 6. Unfortunately, the camera is out of warranty because it's been used for a year and 1/2, and sending it in for a $550 evaluation will only be the beginnings of what it may take to repair whatever has gone wrong. Apparently, Sony doesn't really service cameras in the United States. The closest place for an evaluation is all way across the country in Connecticut through a very low-rated third party vendor. 7. Sony does not provide an explanation as to what these error codes mean. I've checked the user documentation, searched online, etc... and it seems to be private knowledge for Sony techs... who don't really service in the United States... who want to charge me $550 to tell me what the blinking red light means... So, unless Sony can get back to me on what's going on here, I'm selling all my Sony stuff and going with Nikon or Cannon. Paying $550 just for someone to say, "yep, it's broken" or "yep, you'll need to pay another $500 to get it fixed" isn't worth the price of just getting a new camera... with a new warranty... with a company that services their equipment in the United States. But hey, I'm open to troubleshooting this if it's possible because I hate to see my investment die after such a short period of time. Thank you for the replies, - Tyler
  5. Hello Sony, I've had my A7RIII for about a year now, and it no longer works as of this afternoon. I'm hoping to get some details as to what the two slow and three fast blinking red light may indicate. Here are some details. 1. This camera is only used as a webcam. I've had it plugged into my computer and that's it. 2. I've tried replacing it with 2 different batteries - which have been fully charged using a Sony charger with Sony battery 3. The LCD screen will not appear 4. The thing my camera does is blink red 2 times slowly 3 times quickly 5. No memory cards were being used when my camera broke. I've tried searching online for what that 2 slow 3 fast blinking light means, but I have not found anything related to what it may be. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thank you, - Tyler
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