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  1. Returned it by post already. Hopefully Sony will admit the defect and tell me what is the defect. Unlikely though.
  2. Just received it two days ago. Will return it. But still want to know the cause and may be It’s a simple issue to resolve Without returning it.. Googled and found no one reported any similar issues. That’s strange or I am just exceptionally unlucky. Anyone own this lens can run a test? F22 and focus at infinity. Any dark corners like the picture I posted above?
  3. Checked. The rear end of the lens looks fine to me. Thanks for suggestions. lens compensation is on for all parameters too.
  4. Just bought the lens. Test it and very happy until I noticed dark upper corners, worse in the left. It only show up at small aperture (eg F11 F16 F22)and focus at infinity. The smaller the aperture the worse. its worst in my A7II. Less noticeable in the A7RII. No hood or filter attached. Picture shown is taken by A7II: any idea what’s the cause? Please help. Can see the dark corner in EVF while composing and focusing All camera have updated firmware.
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