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  1. Yes I'm looking for a dedicated macro lens for flowers and coral. The Sony A6400 & Laowa 65mm ultra macro lens are a perfect combo for my budget and getting the highest quality glass for the best macro images I can get. Thanks to everyone for your help and advice!
  2. Is this the new Laowa lens with the electronic contacts: https://www.venuslens.net/product/laowa-85mm-f-5-6-2x-ultra-macro-apo/ I'm not too worried about the autofocus feature, as this will be primarily a macro lens. But having the EXIF data would be a nice upgrade I think It seems the new one is only $100 more Would the 85mm also be better for macro than the 65mm? Either way I would be content with the $400 65mm without EXIF data I think though.
  3. Ok great, thank you for that excellent explanation and advice! It seems you've picked the perfect combo lens and body for my use and budget. I was trying to go all Sony, but that Laowa lens sounds like a great option for an amazing price! I don't know much about lens, but have never heard of that company. I'll trust your knowledge that it's a high quality lens lol (Based on that article and videos within it, this clearly is a very high quality lens and perfect for my application, with an amazing price!) Is this lens really an "ultra" macro compared to other macros, or is that just a marketing label? (According to the video in that article it is an "Ultra" macro because of it's 2:1 ratio) That $400 lens paired with the $900 A6400 seems to be a sweet spot with affordability & top-tier performance. That A7IV is insanely expensive lol A6400 for me! Thank you!
  4. So my main focus is to get the absolute best macro shots I can of coral and flowers I don't know which way to go, but I do know that the 50mm macro & 6400 is literally half the price of the 90mm macro & a7III and saving $1500 is a lot of money. I watched this video: From what I can understand, because of the smaller sensor size on the 6400, and it's zoomed in/cropped side effect of being a smaller sensor, I will get the same macro shots with the 50mm Macro and a6400 that I would with the 90mm Macro & a7III Is this true? Is there any quality difference in macro shots between these two paired setups? What combo would give me the absolute BEST macro shots possible? Obviously if I can save $1500 and get 95%+ of the quality macro shots I would get with the 90mm & a7III, I would rather save the money. But if there's going to be a significant difference in quality of macro shots, I'll buy once and cry once lol There is so much detail in coral and flowers and I want to be able to capture them at their best. I realize there's some features on each of the lenses and bodies that are different from one another and offer a better experience, but I'm technically not a pro. My main objective is just the getting the best macro shots in the end.
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