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  1. We shot that with the a7R3 and a7R2 in 4k. We used the Lumu light meter to check color temp. We used the Loxia 85, 50 and 35 to film with.
  2. A local sorts photographer sat down with us to tell us why he left Canon (7D2) for Sony (a7Rii). He covers a wide range of reasons and shoots sorts a little different than most. 3,000 Hours - Sports Photographer Switches from Canon 7Dii to Sony a7R3
  3. Here is a short video we put together with a few of the thoughts I have on this lens after a week of shooting with it. Mixed feelings for sure. I compare it to the Leica M mount version which I really like. Would love to hear everyone else's thoughts on the lens if you have shot with it.
  4. Capture One handles noise better than any other RAW program. That being said, I am not sure what problems you are experiencing. Any change point out what you are not liking about the photos?
  5. I agree with much of what you stated. I do believe that Sony is committed to the APS-C line without question. Video! They have to be present at that price point below FF. Video though. The a6500 is a really good option for most people shooting video. I am about to dump my a7iii and pickup an a6500 or wait on the next a7s update. Both the a7R and a7ii are ready for retirement. Those cameras don't make any sense in the line up.
  6. While the a7Rii is a wonderful camera, I believe the a9 has given us a little insight into what is coming. If you don't need the camera, I would wait. If you are really getting a big discount, you could always buy the a7Rii now and sell it when the a7iii comes out. You will have to work those numbers to see if it is worth it. I believe at the least the movie record button gets moved and that alone would be enough for me to wait. ;-)
  7. I picked up this lens about 3-4 weeks ago. It is a little soft wide open. Other than a little play in the focus ring, which I am waiting on a 1mm hex key to see if I can tighten it up, there is not much to complain about. You can see my review below and download the raw files if you like.
  8. Can you wait a year? It's not coming out in 2017.
  9. I finally finished up my review of the Zeiss Batis 2.8/18mm lens for Sony E mount. I went to the Columbia River Gorge and used this lens almost exclusively on my a7Rii to photograph 16 different waterfalls and various other landscapes. I hope you find this review, filled with photos from the trip, helpful if you are trying to decide whether or not to purchase the lens.
  10. Title Correction: Billingham Hadley Small I have found that I love this bag. It is perfect for the Sony mirrorless system if you don't need to pack your entire collection of gear for a out and about photography. A big plus to the fact the bag is waterproof (excluding submersion). We tried the bag out and tested the waterproofness ourselves. A definite plus to our kit.
  11. It is always great to see how others organize and pack the same bag. While I was in NYC last year I picked up a smaller meFoto tripod at B&H. It has become my standard tripod to carry with the pack. Thanks for sharing.
  12. A great all around lens probably is best summarized with a zoom. I would go with the 24-70/4. It takes a lot of heat on the internet (rightly so in a lot of cases) but I have found my copy to be quite good and for video, it has image stabilization built right in. Works with my a7 great. If I were to buy one prime to get me started, it would be the 35/2.8 or 55/1.8. I would lean toward the 35/2.8 since I would rather be wider but that is my personal preference. I have a few of the 24-70/4 lens on my Youtube channel. I own all the lenses I mentioned above. Can't go wrong. It's nice having so many lenses to choose from.
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