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  1. Unfortunately the action has gone in this thread. Are there no more BIF ?
  2. I have the A9II, the A7R4 and the A7M4 and I also do Wildlife. All these 3 bodies can do different things for you in wildlife. A lot is depending on the glass you are using and the wildlife you are trying to catch. For example A7R4 can give you stunning results, but most probably not with a 200-600. Attached to the 400GM its a dream combo... Indeed there is the universal answer to all your needs - its clearly the A1, because it combines all of the strengths in one single body. And it seems to work flawlessly with all the glass for wildlife. So this is the simple, but most expensive solution. If you want a small upgrade, I would recommend to test the A7M4. Although its limited in fps, the AF system is very close to the one of the A1. You need to use the mechanical shutter, because of rolling shutter for BIF, but this is not a real issue. Buying the A9II is somewhere in between but in terms of usage (rolling shutter, AF, drive speed etc.) its much closer to the A1 than the A7M4. Except that you that you are more limited in terms of cropping. But if you are satisfied with 12x18 prints from a A6600, then there is no reason to join the megapixel race with the A1. So up to you to chose.
  3. In terms of AF, native lenses like the Sony 200-600 will usually give better results. I am not familiar with the A7R3 and do no not know the behaviour of this combo. What I can say is that my A7R4 and my 200-600 do not like each other too much, when it comes to AFC and tracking. Hit rate is mediocre compared to my A9II or A7M4. If you search the web, you will find many complains about the A7R4 paired with the 200-600. And the AF system of the A7R4 is more advanced than the one of the A7R3. I really would recommend to make a test first, before you buy. Maybe even rent the lens for a couple of days and see how it performs with your A7R3.
  4. I own the A7R4 too and I cannot recommend the 24-200 for general purpose at all. I tried hard to like it but it fails even with a 24MP A7M3 in terms of sharpness. In the meantime I replaced the 24-200 with the Tamron 28-200 and I love it! Its a pin-sharp lens and even AF is ok, which is not always the case with third party lenses. If you are looking for a single general purpose lense, then the Tamron is the one to go with. If you are willing to change lenses, ok then @XKAES is fully right - there will be million of options and opinions...
  5. Well the A7R3 is a complete different animal in terms of AF. So good luck while shooting football with it! Coming back to the A9M2, well every product can fail somehow but of course it should not happen with the top of the line product at all. Will be interesting to see how long it will take them to fix it.
  6. Well its the first time ever, that I hear of somebody losing the shutter button! And I am shooting now for more than 30 years. I am very curious to hear what Sony will do. I hope they will fix it for free and quickly.
  7. Sony has just published a firmware update for the Sony A7M4. It adresses the issue of - Improves the accuracy of the Eye AF feature - Fixes an issue where you may not be able to take photos when using a SEL2860 lens and of course the famous: "Improves the operational stability of the camera" Link: https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/e-mount-body-ilce-7-series/ilce-7m4/downloads
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