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  1. I don't shot much video, but it seems like you really really want the PLZ lens lol I say go for it and lose a stop of light/bokeh. The advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages; super cool it has diff manual rings for focus/aperature/zoom - I was unaware. If you want to cater towards lower apertures then prime lenses are the way to go imo. 1 or 2 of your favorite focal length primes in your bag is a good day of shooting stills!
  2. I am uncertain of your particular problem, but I did a little googling to try and bring light to your situation. I personally do not use my camera to stream or use StreamLabs. I'm going to go off on a limb here and suggest its the StreamLabs software that needs to be properly configured. https://www.streamscheme.com/streamlabs-obs-black-screen-fix/ Hope the link is insightful.
  3. For outdoor, I'd go with a wide to mid focal length lens - 35 or a 50mm prime For bokeh, again a wide aperture lens - F1.4, F1.8, F2.8 all great options - the smaller the Fstop the more bokeh, and primes are cheaper Of course, you could go with a standard 24-70mm focal length at F2.8 and be well suited for most any occasion
  4. As the title suggests.. my A6500 no longer can communicate with 3rd party lenses!!! Works fine with Sony lens but not Tameron/Sigma THE STORY: Last weekend I took my camera to the springs for my girlfriend's bday; took loads of pics the whole day. It was hot out but never did I get the overheating warming. Also, It did not get close to the water. Sunday I go to shoot some and the problem showed itself for the first time. I have 2Sigma/1Tameron lenses and none of them were able to AF, MF or display the Fstop. I put the Sony kit lens on the body and it works like normal. Now the Weirder part.. For the first 5-10 seconds upon powerup I can check the version of the camera and lens through menus and it sees the lens! It lets me take pics. But then after 5-10 seconds the lens firmware version doesn't show up in menus and I get the "cannot release wo lens" popup when depressing the shutter. WHAT I'VE DONE: Googling points to cleaning pins and contacts. I used Qtips with 91% alcohol and cleans both the contacts of the lens and the pins. Made sure no pins were bent, etc. Since Sony lens works though I did not pursue this cleaning avenue too strongly. I did a firmware update on the body from v1.03 to 1.06 Attempted firmware update on lenses but camera wouldn't see them long enough to update. I took my gear to a local shop for further troubleshooting. We put MY 3rd party lenses on another Sony camera and the lenses all worked okay. We put DIFF Sony lens onto MY camera body, and THAT worked. We then put DIFF 3rd party lens onto my camera body, and my camera could not see the lens... so from those tests I concluded it is the body The camera was bought used and out of warranty. I am an electrical engineer so I don't mind diving in to do a repair (not too deep though since I know these cameras are complex beasts) At this point I'm looking into getting a new body, but I wanted to ask to see if anyone else has come across anything similar. Any suggestions? tips? advice?
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