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  1. Hello all. Do you use Google photos? Have you noticed that newer Sony cameras seem not to be getting supported by their platform? If so please come help nag their support team with me over at https://support.google.com/photos/thread/331822 Specifically I'm seeing the most issues with RAW files created using the A9. Does anyone use A7iii RAW files with Google Photos successfully?
  2. A nice old Canon FD lens. Feels extremely solid and fits the A7ii nicely. It seems very prone to flair though. Fully open, distortions corrected. full size http://imgur.com/AiAiBHD Wide open F2. Full size http://imgur.com/bBOk9jA Stopped down to about F5.6 full size http://imgur.com/S29R3uY
  3. Hi everyone. I'm sure a lot of us are familiar with the message "Warning you are shooting in NTSC mode" for those of you that aren't it is what happens EVERY time you turn on a PAL region sony camera in NTSC mode. It gets in the way of every shot you try and take. If you have a second could you add your two cents to this thread over on the Sony forums in the tiny hope this gets to the dev team for a firmware fix. Thanks http://community.sony.com/t5/Alpha-SLT-DSLR-Cameras/quot-Warning-you-are-in-NTSC-Mode-quot-wtf/td-p/504303
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