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  1. jozef13


    With my old SonyA580 and my even older Minolta 75-300mm.
  2. A580 minolta 100 mm macro. Because of some other expenses,i have not the financial this time to buy the 90 mm macro for my A7,so must do it with my old 580 and my still much older minolta.(sponsors?)
  3. A7 and 24-240mm are not really that fast,but i managed to photograph,some speeding superbikes.
  4. jozef13


    A7 FE 24-240 mm Anini-y Antique Panay Philippibes
  5. During my 6 weeks trip trough the Philippines,i stranded one day in a shopping center in Bulacan province.To my surprise,there was a beauty contest going on.Since there was to many people on the ground floor,i decided to go to the second floor and took this picture.With my A7 en my FE 24-240mm.Shot was taken:ISO 4000,f 6.3 at 240mm.I was really happy with the result.py when i saw the result.
  6. I have the 24-240 since about 2 weeks.I am happy with the image quality.I see no difference with my 28-70mm. Two minor points however 1) I found it a bit expensive 2) the zoom ring is a bit stiff(heavy) Anyway,that's only 2 minor points.For the rest i am rather happy with it.In december and januari,we are going to the Philppines, i will only bring my A7 and my 24-240.
  7. Testing my new 24-240mm A7 FE 24-240mm
  8. Sony A7 Sony FE 28-70mm
  9. a cabbage butterfly,with my A580 and Minolta 100mm macro
  10. Sony A580-Minolta 100mm macro
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