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  1. hi... i'm an a6000 user too hopefully can give some help as far as i know, in manual mode (M) you can do everything, but for message when click left wheel "this function is not available right now" i suspect the camera still busy write to memory card (usually after multiple shoot) yes, it really need a very fast memory card just to be sure, have you customize some of the button?? in HDR mode or "bracketing" a6000 don't have self timer, if i'm not wrong that's what is the problem? if you want (exposure) bracketing for later HDR processing, you can try remote cable releas
  2. hi.. i have a6000 as my fist serious camera, somehow i feel that kit lens (16-50) indeed is not sharp enough (below my expectation). even though i've never used a dslr before to compare with another brand kit lens.. i've found this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FVuO8FezjA maybe you can find the answer there
  3. ymnno

    Some Surprising Result

    These are picture that several years ago i'd think impossible for me to take i can't more happy and satisfied with these picture :) but of course there is lots of space to improve ;)
  4. Lately the lens attached to my a6000 is a manual lens like the manual lenses over the AF lens more, because its "cheap" and most of all, it makes the process of "photograph" more interesting and fun.. here are some of result from modern camera (a6000) + legacy lens (minolta md 50mm/1.4 and ozunon c/y 70-200)
  5. Hello all, Love the site and like to share with all alpha users I'm from Surabaya, Indonesia and just been in love with photography with my a6000 and some manual lenses i feel the excitement of taking picture Nice to meet all of you..
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