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    pic-pop got a reaction from goo0h in Sony A9 - Yes or No?   
    I will stay with my A7Rll until a new hi rez version comes out
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    pic-pop got a reaction from chrome77 in Iceland   
    Great photo love the foreground
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    pic-pop got a reaction from Mathias in Sony Zeiss Planar T* FE 50mm F1.4 ZA   
    Hy Mathias. thanks for the great photos. I had the F4 16-35 but traded it for the Batic 18 and am amazed at its sharpness. My favorite lens is the Sony 85 1.4
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    pic-pop reacted to JimmyD in Trip to Iceland and lenses to take.   
    I would strongly join those who have recommended taking a second body.  I also support the idea of you taking your Batis 18 and Sony FE 70-300 lenses.  But if I were going I would take your Sony/Zeiss 35 1.4 instead of the Sony/Zeiss 24-70.  My experience, like many, many others, with the Sony/Zeiss 24-70 was soft corners.  Very sharp in the center, so fine for people shots or as general purpose walk-about, but not acceptable IMHO for landscapes.  Have a great trip!
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    pic-pop got a reaction from Z√© De Boni in What to take to the Scanavian countries   
    Thank you for your help. The decision now seems to be taking the 85 or the 70 to 300 as my third lens. I am leaning towards the 85 in order to save the ticket money for bringing Ze De Boni along.
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