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  1. Based on the discussions and the recomendations I think I will be taking my 24-105 with my camera attached and I have a Sony 6000 with a 55-220 that is small and light and has the second body that was recomended,
  2. I did a baloon ride in Africa as well but the weather was iffy and the visability was not the best
  3. Thank you Danze I will definitely try to book one.
  4. Thank you all for your help.I will be in Cairo,3 nights on a Nile Cruise, 2 nights in Luxar. Jerry
  5. I will be going on a trip to Egypt and am wondering what lenses to take with. The lenses I have are as follows: Sony 12-24, Sony 24-105, Sony 4.5-5.6 70-300 ,Zeiss 1.8/55 and a Zeiss 1.8 85mm Portrait lens. I would like to travel light. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks Jerry
  6. I had the Sony 16-35F4 and was very happy with it until I saw and compared it to the 18 Batis. The 18 Batis was much better. I sold the 16.-35 and bought the Batis.
  7. I would recommend that you try the Sony 70-300 lens. The weight is about the same as the 70-200 and the extra reach is very handy. I used the lens on my latest trip to Germany and the results were excellent
  8. I arrived back from my trip and the most used lens was the was the 2.8 24-70. It was incredible and about 75 % of the pictures were taken by it. The next most used was the 70-300. The Batis 18 was not used at all and the and the 55 could have also stayed at home as well.Thank you all for your input. The trip was amazing and the the camera was amazing. Regards Jerry
  9. Thank you and and congrats on the pics you took. I will be taking my 18 Batis, 24 to 70 2.8 and my 70 to 300 as well as my 56 Zeiss for indoor pics and night pics
  10. Thank you for your information tinplater. I am going on the same trip with Viking. I will definitely try the Gundel thank you. Based on your experience I think I will go with my Zoom and the 18. The only thing left to decide is the 55 verses the 85. The other question I have is if you took the excursion to Munich. I am wondering if it is worth what appears to be a long and difficult day. Thanks again for your help. Jerry
  11. The lenses that I plan on taking are my Batis 18 and my 24-70 2.8. I am wondering if I need to bring my 70-300. I also have the 55 1.8 and the 85 1.4
  12. I will stay with my A7Rll until a new hi rez version comes out
  13. I had the 35mm 1.4 and the 50 1.4 as well as the 85 1.4. When I tried the 2.8 zoom I was sold on it and did the following. I traded the 35 and the 50 for the the 24-70 2.8 and the 55 1.8 which is light and easy to walk around with. I now have less repetition and more versatility.I would suggest you go for the zoom. I kept the 85 as it is an amazing unique lens that is lots of fun.
  14. Great photo love the foreground
  15. Have you looked into the 35 2.8 Zeiss lens. I had one at one time and it is a great walk around lens at half the price and it is 75 per sent lighter Jerry
  16. I sold my F4 16-35 and purchased the Batis 18 and have not looked back. For me there is no comparison in picture quality. the lens is beautiful. You get what you pay for. If you buy second best you may be unhappy later and it will cost you more to change. Good luck Jerry
  17. WOW the picture pops out of the background Jerry
  18. Hy Mathias. thanks for the great photos. I had the F4 16-35 but traded it for the Batic 18 and am amazed at its sharpness. My favorite lens is the Sony 85 1.4
  19. love your new toy. Thinking of buying one as I have the 35 1.4 and the 85 1.4. I would consider selling my F4 24-70 as I prefer prime lenses and this is my only remaining zoom.
  20. Thank you for sharing. I just received my 85 GM and it is love at first usage.
  21. Yes I will be using my 18 the most. next I expect to use my 300 and will take my 35 as a walk around instead of my 24 to 70. what is your thinking
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