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  1. Yes!! Of course going really often in the same place permit you to better understand animals' behavior, and to have more chance to get their movements or the place where they prefer to stay, and the hunting area as well.
  2. Being lucky is a good "extra skill" 😀
  3. No, I've put me that perch. I've been studying those couple of buzzard for several years. For photographing them I build a photographic blind about 10 meters from the perch under a tree. Generally you have to wait at least some hours before they arrive, but often they don't come as well.
  4. Sony A9 + Sony 100-400GM Also visible at this link
  5. Wich camera have you got?
  6. Thank you so much. I've used a Sony A9 and the 100-400GM with the tc 1,4x EXIF: 262mm, 1/4000", f/8; ISO 1600 Yes, I knew. The next time I'll put there 😄
  7. Unfortunately using an APSC sensor is quite difficult to get a really good picture of the milky way, in fact for this reason I bought a full frame. But with a bit of work in post-production you can achieve similar result.
  8. Arriving to the perch.
  9. Shouting osprey. Sardinia Exif: 1/1250" f/4.0 300mm ISO100
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