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  1. Update to my Post above. I purchased a Sony VG-C4EM battery grip as Camera World had them for sale at £289 with an additional £50 to be recovered under the current rebate scheme. So £239 for an actual Sony grip made it worthwhile to me. In comparison with the Neewer grip, I noticed a number of things that were the same. Firstly the Neewer grip was almost exactly the same size and it had all the same number of buttons and control wheels. Where the Sony scored was the quality of the buttons and wheels which matched the A7IV and the fact that it is weather sealed (I don't believe the Neewer grip is weather sealed). The big surprise was how well both the grips performed, apart from the slight differences with the feel of the buttons, they both performed excellently.
  2. My Wife bought me this one (Neewer Vertical Battery Grip Compatible with Sony A7IV A9II A7RIV Cameras, Replacement for Sony VG-C4EM with 2 Packs 7.2v 2280mAh 16.4Wh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery) fits pretty well (a couple of mm off both ends and the back and the batteries work fine too.
  3. Put my 28-75 G2 Tamron onto my A7iv last night at 9pm battery showing 91%, just got up (5am) and checked camera again and battery still showing 91%. Seems all fine on my camera.
  4. Sigma used to sell many of their lenses back in the 80s with the fact that their lenses went the way of the official Retailer (sigma synchro II), how things change. I ordered a Sony 200-600 today, it will be here tomorrow, however, I watched a lot of Youtube videos all stating how easy it was to move the distance ring and how it could be seriously reduced by using a lens coat type affair and slightly covering over the movement ring. I ordered one of those today and it should be here by Wednesday, I'll let you know how it works.
  5. Just transferred from Pentax (K1 and K5) with the purchase of a A7iv. Been involved in/with photography since 1979 and had a few years as a professional Social Photographer in the mid to late 90s.gain gain some Looking to gain some Sony knowledge.
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