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  1. ymotion

    XAVC to FCP 7?

    Thanks, themacguy I'm just trying to find a way how to do that :-) I found EditReady so far - it's one option to convert the footage to ProRes
  2. ymotion

    XAVC to FCP 7?

    Hi Ian, Thanks for your input. Unfortunately, the update for video formats mentioned in the link works only with XAVC-I but not with XAVC-S...I couldn't make FCP 7 understand XAVC-S files. If I'm missing something please let me know.
  3. ymotion

    XAVC to FCP 7?

    Hi, I recently bought the alpha 7 mrk ii. I can shoot AVCHD but wanted to check the better encoder XAVC. I'm working with FCP 7. It does not recognize the file (although I can still play the file with QT - which is a bit strange for me. I guess I'm missing something here...). I searched online and found several external software that can convert XAVC to ProRes 422. Does anyone have tried one of these softwares? Since they are not free I'm a bit concern about the conversion. I've heard that conversion might lower the quality of the file. Thanks a lot!