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  1. Thanks, themacguy I'm just trying to find a way how to do that :-) I found EditReady so far - it's one option to convert the footage to ProRes
  2. Hi Ian, Thanks for your input. Unfortunately, the update for video formats mentioned in the link works only with XAVC-I but not with XAVC-S...I couldn't make FCP 7 understand XAVC-S files. If I'm missing something please let me know.
  3. Hi, I recently bought the alpha 7 mrk ii. I can shoot AVCHD but wanted to check the better encoder XAVC. I'm working with FCP 7. It does not recognize the file (although I can still play the file with QT - which is a bit strange for me. I guess I'm missing something here...). I searched online and found several external software that can convert XAVC to ProRes 422. Does anyone have tried one of these softwares? Since they are not free I'm a bit concern about the conversion. I've heard that conversion might lower the quality of the file. Thanks a lot!
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