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  1. p360

    Tamron FE 28-75mm f/2.8

    On pre-order
  2. p360

    The new 85 1.8 FE

    I agree with you. It balances very well on A7RII and delivers every time.
  3. ^ Totally agree. Love the character this lens shows. Just bought it for the second time. Nice work, btw.
  4. Here are a couple before I ended up selling the lens. Now have seller’s remorse. Both at f/1.4 on A7R -
  5. I wish they re-do the focus ring on this one. Anyone else dislike it as much as I do?
  6. Does anyone know how to delete a post, like the one above?
  7. ^ good photos. Looking forward to more. I agree with everything you said about the lens. I find it a joy to use. BTW, I ended up buying an inexpensive knock-off Chinese version of a close-focus adapter on eBay. Paid $40 for it. I didn't want to pay two-three hundred dollars for for something I only use sporadically. I'll find out how good it works when I get it.