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  1. Thank you very much LiveShots for the tip. I shall check out the shortcuts to custom buttons. Regards PRSS
  2. Hello All I am new to Sony Alpha camera, switching over from Nikon systems. Just got the new system 3 days back. This is about RAW files - compressed and non compressed. I have already googled on this topic. of compressed Vs non compressed RAW files with Sony while other manufacturers offer lossless compression files - which I too had always had this as default on my Nikons. They say "some situations" demand non compressed files. I am yet to understand what exactly was meant by "some situations". Is it with too much of contrast in a scene, or a scene which contained lot of fine details. Fearing loss of quality, I have set my Sony A7iii as non compressed, even though the file size is double that of compressed. Not having lossless compression came to me as a surprise ! I would like to have the opinion of members in this forum on this. Should I just leave my setting as non compressed and put up with larger files requiring larger storage devises, since cost of storage devices are not that expensive now a days ? OR, would I get high quality pictures with compressed files itself ? It is not just a question of storage alone. Post processing a 45 MB file Vs a 24 MB file - that would make a difference ! Especially with not such a powerful computer. I am doing post processing in Luminar 4 software which is quite a slow software (IMHO) and on a Lenovo laptop Core-i7 2.5 Ghz, 24 GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 graphics card with 4 GB VRAM. OS is Windows 10. I would not opt for Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom subscription even if that would make difference in speed of processing. Because I am not a professional photographer, but a passionate hobbyist only. And also because the number of photos I take in a month is quite low - does not justify an Adobe subscription. I wish to continue with Luminar 4. OR with Affinity Photo, which I have too. So, I am appealing in this forum to advise me - should I leave the setting as non compressed OR when to actually set it to non compressed and leave it as compressed for most of the pics. Thanking you in advance. (I have uploaded some of the type of pictures I take in my " self introduction" post). Best regards PRSS
  3. Hello all ! Warm Greetings to you . I am happy to join this forum ! My name is P.R.S. Sivakumar, 66 years young, and I live in India, my native country, in a tier 2 city known as Madurai, In Tamilnadu State in India. Happily married and I have a son who is 34 years old who is an electronics engineer in a MNC company. By profession, I am a self employed practicing Architect & Interior Architect of 40 years standing. I do photography as a passionate hobby. In fact, started my hobby when I was in 10th grade in school itself with Brownie type of camera.... later on with Twin Lens Reflex, then in 1979 Olympus OM-1 DSLR system, then to a Pentax system. Then there was a long break from my hobby for several years due to very tight professional practice. Later in 2013, revived it with Nikon DX entry level cameras, soon switched over to Nikon D7000 & then to D500 APSC systems. Just switched over to Sony A7iii, with 24-105m F/4 G lens, 12-24mm F/4 G lens & 70-200mm F/2.8 OSS G Master Lens - version 1, just to start with and get a feel of Sony mirror less system. Received my package last Saturday only. First 2 days I was feeling a bit odd with the eye level EF view finder and sort of getting used to it now. But, I am really happy with this system and I am glad I switched over ! Also enjoying the flavor of full frame ! The type of photography I do is "Pictorial", Landscapes and Abstract. I have attached a few of my type of photography, after going digital. I do have some questions ! I shall post them in the appropriate sub forums.
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