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  1. Hi... I just started experimenting with 4K video shooting with my a6400, having spent a few years just using the HD video settings. I notice that even in the lowest quality 4K video setting (XAVC-S 4K 24P 60M) I get an unpleasant video stuttering effect when I pan the camera from side to side, even if I do this quite slowly. However, in the highest quality HD mode (XAVC-S HD 60P 50M), even fast panning is quite smooth. I don't think this problem is that my computer isn't powerful enough to play 4K video well, as I have a fairly high-end MacBook Pro, and also if I use conversion software to convert 4K video I've taken with the a6400 down to HD resolution, I still see a stuttery pan that I don't see with native HD video from the camera, so... I'm pretty sure this is something that's going on with the camera when it's actually capturing in 4K. Has anyone else noticed this? Am I doing something wrong? Do I have a setting messed up somewhere? I have the a6400 top-dial set to video mode, and haven't altered any other setting from the default, at least that I'm aware of. I know 4K is supposed to be higher quality than HD, but this stuttering effect is making my 4K videos appear to be lower quality than my HD videos, at least to my eye. Bit of a bummer! ☹️
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