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    adwb got a reaction from Dian in An app shows ARW pictures automatically when downloaded to PC.   
    Just google for “Sony Raw codec” download an£ install if you are on windows. For Mac I don’t know sorry
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    adwb got a reaction from Steve C in Pink,Green, Blue Dots   
    Raj, her you are this thread will explain all to you and how to fix it 
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    adwb reacted to LiveShots in A7iii: Help me get the AWB right   
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    adwb got a reaction from Paul B Felix in black line on top in horizontal on the side in portrait   
    What shutter speed? Shutter sync speed is 1/250 max but I found that best I can do is 1/200. Any way you don’t need fast shutter speeds, make a habit to always shoot at 1/180 and 100 iso and turn off the exposure view in the second menu.
    Also some triggers do not even work at 1/ 200 so try a lower shutter speed 
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    adwb got a reaction from Scruffy in Best compact flash for Sony a7R2?   
    either Sony's own or the Nissin range , but be wary of the lens causing a shadow with any flash mounted on the hot shoe. You would for your application be best looking for a RING FLASH  type of flash gun.
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    adwb got a reaction from crysmeth in preview times vary with focus selectio   
    i have always had a issue with, even when using the fastest cards the time it takes my A7r2 to present the preview , but i have always the centre zone area or the full area for focusing , but today I used centre and small flexible spot focus points and I am surprised to see how much faster the pre view appears . virtually instant, why on earth is that happening, very happy but surprised 
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    adwb got a reaction from Revolution Snowdrops in Advice with problem using Nissin flash on Sony A7RII   
    I think the view finder is set to show the exposure anticipated if the flash is used. If you don't like that, which I find quite handy to see where the drop of us , then in menu 2 disable the compensated view .
    No idea about the shutter speed issues but that is the theoretical sync speed for the shutter, I say theoretical because I think 1/200 is less likely to show a band , I suggest your flash or air commander is not set for HSS which would allow for higher shutter speeds
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    adwb got a reaction from woodpicman in A7SII Viewfinder/Monitor "Auto" stopped working   
    Carefully remove the rubber eyecup on the view finder, you will see a tiny "window" above the view finder, this is the sensor and if it has dirt on it it thinks it's your eye that's stopping the light.
    Take a cotton bud or something small and soft and clean the little window
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    adwb got a reaction from Matthew in A7rii Min SS in auto ISO issue   
     ISO Auto Minimum Shutter Speed
    What it Does Specifies the slowest shutter speed the camera is allowed to go to before increasing the ISO (when ISO is set to "Auto").
    Recommended Setting: "STD" unless you're doing action photography
    You can think of this feature as a way to tweak the Program mode to your needs without having to move the exposure mode dial to Shutter Priority mode. Here you can specify the lowest shutter speed that the camera is allowed to use in Program or Aperture Priority mode before it resorts to raising the Auto ISO value. This can be a useful feature for people shooting sports and still want the benefit of a "set it and forget it" kind of automation.
    Here was the problem: Once upon a time there was a heuristic regarding the slowest shutter speed you could shoot with without needing a tripod (and without SteadyShot). That heuristic was:
    Slowest shutter speed = 1/(the lens' focal length)
    So, if your lens was set to 70mm, the slowest shutter speed you could safely hand-hold the camera at was 1/70th of a second. And if your lens was set to 24mm, then the slowest shutter speed you could safely hand-hold the camera at was 1/24th of a second.
    Program Mode actually knows about this heuristic, and if it knows you're using a long lens it will up the shutter speed accordingly. But the A7r II will not let you shoot slower than 1/60th of a second in most circumstances (unless you've hit the upper limit of your Auto ISO setting.)
    I didn't care for that, since if you're shooting pictures of people in low light, people tend to move. And at less than 1/60th of a second if people move they will come out blurry.
    NO OTHER CAMERA I'VE EVER USED WOULD GO BELOW 1/60TH OF A SECOND IN PROGRAM MODE for this very reason. Yes, 1/30th of a second might work great for still life shots, but if you're shooting people 1/30th of a second will just result in blurry pictures of the grandkids.
    So is this feature meaningful for the A7r II?
    It can be useful in situations where you'd normally want to switch to Shutter Priority mode. Maybe you shoot equestrian events and never, ever want to go slower than 1/250th of a second (but you wouldn't mind going faster if the light was good). This would be the feature for you then.
    TIP: The shutter speed will indeed go slower than what you specify if the light is so low that the camera hits your maximum Auto ISO speed. (Of course you can specify that too…)
    taken from gary friedman atr2 user guide, a guide well worth buying and reading again and again.
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    adwb got a reaction from christer in a7R ll usage   
    Some important things about saving
    1 you can only save adjustable items and settings in menu option one ( with camera sign) nothing from any other menu can be saved to user location.
    2 ONLY dial positions 1and 2 are saved to the camera inbuilt memory.
    3 save M1 to M4 in the menu selection are only saved to a SD card , if that card is removed or changed that memory is not available.
    Basically pretty useless as it means you are very limited in what you can save a preset for
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    adwb got a reaction from jaimiepeeters in On the virge of switching from 5dmkiii to A7ii   
    1 if you have the full paid version of capture one it will allow you to work on Sony Raw, as well another makes. Sony version of C1 is for Sony only
    2 A7 any version work fine with stufdio lights , you need to set WB to flash, turn of the setting that previews exposer settings on the evf or screen, or you see nothing, you may find other settings that you want ton alter
    3 don't know
    4 dont think so
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    adwb got a reaction from cws in APS-C vs Super 35   
    Ah just realised this auto super 35 ONLY works is XAVC S4K not in other video modes  which has cleared that up 
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    adwb reacted to adwb in new to video and need help   
    A couple of questions her from me which I dont understand after looking and looking on google. I did find shutter speed vs shutter frame rate which made things clearer but:-

    I have seen it written that if you have the camera set to auto for the aps-c / super 35 then movie mode uses super 35 but on myA7r2 that does not happen i need to select it manually am I misunderstanding something?

    also for XAVCS there are the two choices of 25p 100M and 25p 60M

    25 is the frame rate ? is that correct ?

    and should be matched to double the shutter speed =1/100 is that correct?

    100M and 60M is the bit rate and 100 M will give a smoother video is that correct? 

    if that is then correct then why is there a choice? 

    I note that on XAVC S HD there is the choice of 50p 25p and 100p all at 50M compared to the XAVCS which only offer 25p

    So why is there a choice 3 frame rates avaialble for the XAVC S format?
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    adwb reacted to cws in new to video and need help   
    >  inserted below 
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    adwb got a reaction from MikeBruno in Buying Sony Camera   
    Suggestion one: since you have local stores get one of them to order for you , buy local its always safer.
    There is no inbuilt memory storage for images unlike smaller bridge or point and shoot cameras. You MUST put a SD card in to capture images.
    For video you need a specific card type , again the store should have these for you for 4k video.
    The camera is not supplied with a lens so you must order a lens as well. what lens you decide on is your choice , there is a large range to choose from.
    For testing just test every thing switches on and works, there is far to much to test in a store , test fully at home, you can always return faulty goods.
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    adwb got a reaction from tarheelgarden in Thinking I've made a bad decision   
    You have , I think , bought the wrong body.
    If you have the A7r2.body your issues will be addressed, the A7r was replaced very quickly due to the many issues owners and industry reviewers found especially for a working photographer,
    I would suggest you try to find a r2 owner near you and get together if that is at all feasible
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    adwb got a reaction from aviglp in PlayMemories Apps not working in Israel   
    We not just Israel , I have apps bought for the original A7 which are listed for every other version but not the A7r2 and Sony don't even answer the wye dying if why this is
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    adwb got a reaction from EazyClic in A7ii Lightroom tethering   
    try capture one its free for 30 days then for Sony version only 5oeur. knocks spots of lightroom
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    adwb got a reaction from aviglp in new aps now available   
    On the off chance you haven't noticed already I just thought I would let you know that both Motion Shot & Multiple Exposure are now showing as compatible with your ILCE-7RMK2
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    adwb got a reaction from rscottcampbell in AEL Confusion   
    auto exposure level I always assumed , dont know about auto locking exposure except that you can opt to , or not to, lock the exposure at the same time as the focus lock with a half push of the shutter button, which can be useful in a focus and recompose situation,  or you can  via the AEL button lock the expose and re compose with that exposure.
    Don't know if thats what you are looking for?
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    adwb got a reaction from EvilTed in FORMAT FUNCTION WARNING   
    As I have discovered to my cost when using the format function from the memory options , it does exactly that, it completely erases the card and if you have made a mistake you cannot recover
    images with a recovery program;  the sony A7RII does a full format.
    Well what did you expect I hear you saying,  i expected to be able to reverse that's what, if I format a card with my Olympus body or any of my Pentax bodies I can still recover images and I was used to that fail safe if I messed up.
    Don't fall into the same trap, if your Sony say format then it b****y well means it!!
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    adwb got a reaction from Gilgenberg in How do you change Aperture on Sony A7Sii?   
    err set the top dial to A and turn the front or back wheel?
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    adwb got a reaction from synthesaur in Assigning lsd or viewfinder options to Fn button   
    nder what brand name or for what purpose is this TRANSLUCENT made? I would like to try some but have drawn a blank in shops here
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    adwb got a reaction from Z√© De Boni in Strange burst mode, help!   
    Good glad you found the problem cause , I did not mention the auto ISO optionas I thought that was to obvious a culpret
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    adwb got a reaction from Z√© De Boni in Strange burst mode, help!   
    if you have invoked bracketed white balance or dro you only get one image also if you are for some reason in HDR mode
    ISO and dro at the bottom of the drive menu accessed on the 9oclock position on the rear dial
    HDR accessed at the bottom of the dro option menu which on my camera is accessed through function button,
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