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  1. Hello, Looking for a wide angle prime from about 16mm - 35mm range, autofocus a plus. Does not need to be super fast. Needs to be under 1.2lb or 455 grams, roughly. Using it to do video of rowers on water, decent to high natural light. Using an A7II on a Came TV Single 3 axis gimbal, thus the weight restriction. Trying to keep it under US$700. All suggestions welcome!
  2. Using the Sony LA 4, adaptor. I don't know if it would focus on birds popping up out of the brush but it was fine for something you could keep in the middle of the frame and just flying along.
  3. That one does look good, I have a Phantom so familiar with the camera. Was hoping for something with the ability to zoom or do tighter shots. You can only get so close to the rowing boat . Ebaying my RX100II for the IV and do have the A7II after some research this might be an option: http://www.came-tv.com/camesingle-3-axis-gimbal-camera-32bit-boards-with-encoders-p-673.html Anyone with experience with this system or like systems are welcome.
  4. I coach rowing and like to do videos of the crews for coaching purposes and for "end of the year" motivational stuff. Very hard to shoot stable video with A7II from a small boat that is going up/down/side to side. So looking for 3 axis gimbal that may help. Two situations 1. When out by myself it would be great to have some form of gimbal I could fix to the edge of the boat or onto the deck so I could drive and shoot at the same time. 2. More standard hand held gimbal unit when I am just filming and someone else is driving. Typically shooting from a very low hunched over position (
  5. If it is a true Ike dive housing I would go with Ike, if you dive.
  6. Very nice! What housing and Dome? The photos in this gallery were taken with a A7II and Nikonas 15mm, Nauticam housing or my trusty RX100II Nauticam. http://aquabluedreams.com/#/gallery/costa-rica-cocos-island-2014/dsc82181/
  7. Thank you. On a previous trip due to rain we did not see one big cat. This trip it rained the first 4 days and looked like it was going to be a repeat but due to the hard work of a wonderful guide we found cats the last two days! Again the 150mm - 600mm on the A7II was perfect. http://aquabluedreams.com/#/gallery/africa-2016-hwange-zimbabwe/dsc09725/
  8. Here is the Africa Gallery http://aquabluedreams.com/#/gallery/africa-2016-hwange-zimbabwe/dsc4942/ Again most of the pictures were taken with: Sony A7II, Sony LA 4 adapter, Tamron 150-600mm Lens. A few were taken with the Sony 24-240mm and the Sony RX100II.
  9. Just got back from Africa and found the A7II, Tamron 150-600mm combo were just about perfect for safari shooting. Had my trusty Sony RX100II for anything that got close. Given most subjects are hidden in grass or trees manual focus with focus peaking was the best route and worked well. This pelican was the king of the photobomb
  10. Thanks for the input. Was looking for something that would bridge the "gap" to the 150mm - 600. The 24mm - 240mm is getting ok reviews but maybe I just have to come to terms with a two lens combo. There are a lot of nice manual focus lenses out there to look at, which I don't mind.
  11. So have the A7II and looking for a travel/walk around lens. Own the Tamron 150-600mm + adapter, for sports, animals... For image quality what do you think about the Canon 24-105mm + Metabones adapter at about $1000 vs the Sony 24-240mm at $999???? Other options welcome!
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