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  1. @Apollwnios Indeed! @Discordia Thank you! It was, a place I will definitely visit again.
  2. Hello everyone, About ten days ago I was at Samothraki, a beautifully wild and peacefull island in northern Greece. I am sharing a few of the pictures I took during my short stay there, I will probably upload more on my website soon. Camera: Sony A7II Lens: Minolta AF 50mm 1.4 (w/ LA-EA4) Location: Samothraki, Greece You can follow my page on Facebook: facebook.com/ilias.antoniou.grnd
  3. Hello everyone, this is my first post here. A few days ago I attended a concert with a couple of local bands. All photos were shot with the camera-lens combination that you see on the title except a few (2-3 photos) that were shot with an a-mount tamron 17-50 f2.8 in crop mode. It was my first time on a gig using manual focus and I must say it was a joy and I am really pleased with the results and the excellent performance of the old Pentax 50mm. You can view the photos at http://iliasantoniou.me/million-hollers-johnny-carbonaras/
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