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  1. I was just seeking validation for my calculations since I figuerd it out from multiple sources and had no one to ask If I was right. basically Apsc f0.95 35mm 200iso = FF f1.4 50mm iso 400 Or at least It would give you a similar pitcture FoV DoF and exposure wise. Unless someone tells me diffrently.... looking to get a 7c now since its nice and small and I wont buy a cheap chinease lens just to compansate for the short commings of apsc specially the nerrow DoF wont be achivable with an apsc kamera since you can also put a f0.95 lens on a fullframe body that would mean you need a f0.7 for a similar DoF ( I think NASA was building those in the 60')
  2. Was just wondering if you can turn an apsc camera into a FF with the right lens. Apparently you can/could if such lenses existed.
  3. Hello and good day to you! Im not really new to Photographie but I'm getting serious about it now. Im thinking of buying a FullFrame Camera but I dont know if its even worth it. Im reseaching for days now and it is very hard since I find contredicting information floating around on the net. Ok I understand the crop factor a 50mm is a 75mm on apsc (fov wise) good I just get a 35mm and that is taken care of. Now I think you have to adjust the aperature too so you get the same DoF f1.4 is probably a fast lens for FullFrame the DoF would be equilvent to 2.1 on my apsc camera while giving me the same exposure. No problem I just get a F0.95 and that would give me the same DoF as a f1.4 on Fullframe while beeing 1Stop brighter. Fullframe has better ISO performance maybe 2 Stops so I would gain 1 Stop of light If I go for FullFrame 50mm f1.4 instead of apsc 35mm f0.95 I know this is just one lens exaple and all this compansating isnt possible for most lenses Im just wondering If I understood It right. there is a cheap chinease lens 35mm f0.95 I was thinking of playing around wirh it but the money spend would probably be better spend just getting an a7 and a cheap vintage f1.4 50mm ? For same resaults with better dynamic range?
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