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  1. Thanks very much. Since the answer to this problem has been inconclusive so far, I decided to reorder and exchange this camera. Due to back order, my new camera will not arrive until mid-October. Needless to say I will report back on this thread as to whether this issue was isolated to my current model or if this is a bug among all the a7sIII models. If so, I will definitely alert Sony too.
  2. Would love some advice! When I take photos with this camera, and review them on the camera they look fine if I'm in one of the photo modes on the dial. The videos play back just fine too. But if the dial is set to video mode, and I decide to review the various videos and photos on the SD card, the videos play back fine, but the photos look like they were taken in a nuclear war on Mars. Anyone else with this camera seeing this? Should I be concerned? The window to return/exchange this is closing if I have a defect. (current firmware version: 2.01) Also, I reformatted the SD card just to make sure it wasn't acting up somehow and that did not help. Thanks very much! Eric
  3. Hi all, My name is Eric and have been getting up to speed on my new A7SIII I purchased about five weeks ago. I'm retiring as the Chief Meteorologist at the CBS affiliate, WBTV, in Charlotte, NC. I've been a passionate amateur photographer/videographer/editor for over 40 years now. I built my first darkroom in 1975 when I was a sophomore in high school. Although I'm best known for my work in front of a camera, I guess I wound up in the right business because I also love working behind the camera. My current toolbox features Adobe Premiere Pro for grading and editing and Lightroom for my imagery. In addition to my Alpha, I also own an Autel EVO 2 Pro 6K drone which shoots wonderful video in its own right. I'm hoping to keep myself busy after I retire by working mainly with real estate professionals producing videos and/or interior/exterior photos of properties. I am also a budding drone pilot (currently working on my Part 107 certification) hoping to include aerial video as part of my skillset. Despite my lengthy interest in this hobby, and my 38 years in the television business, there is still much more I don't know than I do know and looking forward to perusing the forums here and gaining as much knowledge as I can!
  4. Hi Carlo, I just found the solution to this problem in another thread here. Set your picture profile to PP Off. Most users are using PP8 for their movie settings (S-Gamut3.cine/S-Log3) and when that carries over to your photo settings, it causes the 2-stop 'error' darkening your shots. Otherwise, just pick your file formats you want (raw, jpg, heif, etc) and that should be all you need. And remember, you can tell your camera to use separate settings for video and photography so you're not needing to make that change every time you jump from movie to stills. I hope this helps.
  5. WOW! This thread is a life-saver! I'm a brand new Sony A7SIII owner and indeed, ran into this exact problem. Much like Thomas, the OP, I also had DRO off, that wasn't the problem. But I did have PP8 active from configuring my video settings (Slog3 S-Gamut3.cine). Once I changed that to PP off, as with happened with Thomas, problem solved. Thanks so much for making this public! Eric
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