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  1. Hello everyone,Since a large group here works with the a7siii, I put my question here.When I shoot RAW photos with my a7siii, they are super dark when I put them in lightroom. So dark that I sometimes have to slide some sliders all the way to the right until they can't go any further. The JPG photos, on the other hand, are normally exposed (as it looked when I took the photo).I never had this problem with the a7iii. D range optimizer is turned off and if I reset the camera to factory settings, the problem persists.It's not my lightroom either, because on my buddy's laptop and my phone (lightroom) we see the same problem.I've added 2 the exact same pictures so you can see it. 1 in RAW and 1 in JPG.I wonder if anyone knows if this can be fixed!Let me know.
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