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  2. Been trying for a nice sharp image, quite happy with this result. Taken with Sony a7r111, 200-600 G lens..
  3. Thanks Pieter, Tried AF-S, focus mode centre, metering mode centre, 1/250 f8 results look a lot better. I focusssed on water droplet. Many thanks Mal.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, settings were as follows, AFA,focus areas wide, Aoto ISO, metering mode multi. had shutter speed of 1/4000, f6.3. I realise shutter was fast as I am trying to get birds in flight. and the light was good so shutter speed shouldn't affect it. But I will try single spot tomorrow.
  5. Hi I recently purchased a Sony a7r111 + 200-600 G lens, I am having a lot of focus issues, being, That i focus on a subject but the sharpness is in another area. I have tried various settings to no avail. Could someone help with this please. I have included an image, I was focussing on the Honeyeater, but the main focus is on the leaves to the right of the photo. Thanks in anticipation, Mal Collins
  6. While setting up camera, while watching Mark Smith setup video for birds, when I got to viewfinder monitor settings monitor and menu items stopped. they no longer light up, is there a reset item somewhere. The camera takes photos,but cannot see them. Sorry to be a pain,any ideas, Thanks again Mal
  7. Yes mainly wildlife, hopefully should get some excellent images, birds in flight hopefully, and of course some sporting shots.
  8. Hi my name is Mal Collins, and I new to this forum, I live in Neerim Sth. Victoria. I have just switched over from Nikon after 30 years, the reports I have read on the A series swayed me, looking for some memorable times with the A7r111a + 200=600 G lens.
  9. Hi my name is Mal, a new member. Ihave just purchased the a7r111a and as I am still waiting on lens to arrive, can you tell me if I can set up various settings without a lens attatched. Thanks in anticipation Mal Collins
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