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  1. Thanks, I’ll check with our tour company, but I thought in the last few years they were allowing photography in both the valley of the kings and the pyramids, but I could be wrong. We spent four years living in the UK. I was in the US Air Force based at RAF Mildenhall. We visited Cambridge several times while there. Beautiful area.
  2. Good to know, thanks. My son-n-law (and daughter) who are going with us told me that he's leaving his tripod behind to save weight. I was already thinking about the fast paste of groups wanting us to get everything in would most likely make using a tripod difficult anyway. And I don't want to be a magnet for the beggars! Hope Cameras aren't banned, and I surely don't mind paying for the permit to use mine. I had heard that for many of the sites we're wanting to visit, that I'd need to purchase a permit. BTW, where do you live? I'm in Kansas City, MO.
  3. Since I don't leave until Jan, I may just rent a 24-105 just to compare weight, pictures, etc. I'm pretty sure I'll like it. When I shot with Canon I used the 24-105 as my daily lens. It was on the body 90% of the time. And since the a7rIII takes such good shots, with the 24-105 I can crop in on the photos. My wife and I had already talked about getting some cash (low-value notes) to have on hand for tips, lunch, drinks and such. Oh, I wanted to ask, since you've already been there, I was planning on bring a tripod. Is it true that they charge a tax for the use of the tripods?
  4. Thanks for the advice about the 24-240. I have heard and read mixed reports about this lens and I have been thinking about purchasing a 24-105. The 28-200 is a very light lens and that's one reason I was planning on taking it along. And I read about how bad the dust/sand is over there, I mean it is a desert, so yea, I didn't plan on making any lens changes outside. And thanks for the advice on watches, I have an expensive Tag Heuer watch that I wear and had been thinking about leaving hit home and wearing a cheap watch, but then being on vacation; who cares what time it is! All good advice, thanks!
  5. Adrichardson, thanks for the reply. I was planning on taking my Sony 16-35 and a Tamron 28-200. I haven't decided on the 70-300, however, I've read that it could come in very handy while on the Nile Cruise, otherwise, I don't think it would be used. And yes, I can rent a 25-105; but I've been debating on renting a 24-240 instead. If I rent a 24-240, then I'll leave the 28-200 and 70-300 home, and travel with two lenses. Again, I'm looking at keeping the weight down, but also want to take some good photos. It's good to know that someone else has been there and has some familiarity with the conditions. My thoughts on the 16-35 was for those times when we are on our own (Cario, Luxar, and Petra), that lens would work very well for a walk around lens. Thanks
  6. Hi all, My wife and I are taking a 16 day trip to Egypt and Jordan in Jan 2022. I'm brining my Sony a7RIII but need advice on which lenses to take. I'd like to keep the weight down as we'll be walking a lot during our time there. The lenses I currently own are: Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 DG DN Art, Tamron 28-200 F/2.8 - 5.6 Di III, Sony 16-35 F/4 and Sony 70-300 F/4.5. As I said, my aim is to keep the weight down for this trip so my first thought is to bring the Tamron 28-200 and the Sony 16-35. I'm just looking for advice from others as I've never traveled to Egypt before, hoping someone on this forum has and good advice. Thanks
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