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  1. I'm convinced this is a magical tree... A7III w/Batis 25mm
  2. I just got my hands on a brand new A7III (I know, late to the game...). I'm an American living in the UK since 2006. Colchester, to be exact. I went back and forth between the A7III and the Z6II, as I wanted to add a full-frame system to my Fujifilm X-T30 setup. In the end, I went with the Sony due to the great reputation, but mostly because of the lens options. A good deal online with the £200 cash back offer also helped! I've already picked up the FE 85mm 1.8, and I will be adding the 55mm 1.8 and the Batis 25mm in the near future. Can't wait... Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself. See you around the forums. ?
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