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  1. further to my question.. the wheel on the back of the a6000 can be turned off in settings by selecting ..Dial/Wheel Lock.... this disables it temporarily , then hold down the Fn button for a moment to lock/unlock .
  2. Yes I think your right I've been taking a closer look at the camera settings menu and Operation controls and the wheel on the back does change the aperture setting and what a pain its so light and easy to move accidentally with the other settings you have to select first then move the wheel .. doesn't seem to be a way of turning it off either.. cheers thanks for help.
  3. problem with camera settings on my a6000 + epz 18-105 f4 G OSS .. Aperture priority set to f8, 350s first frame ok 5 minutes later..... 2nd and 3rd frames the Aperture changes to f4 with an increase of shutter speed the only adjustment I made was to zoom length 25mm -28mm-31mm
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