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  1. Sounds hyper-reasonable. Any suggestions for native, greater than 200mm, and not crazy expensive?
  2. All, I've tried the Sony 80-200 FE on my a6000, but I need something longer for airshow/aviation photography (hence the fast autofocus). Also the price tag for that lens is a bit steep for what you get. I'm wondering if the solution is an LA-EA4 adapter and some other 3rd party lens. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Well done Apollwnios! Have you tried any video with this gear?
  4. All, I'm into airshow and aviation photography and video. My Canon 30D is getting a little long in the tooth so I have a new a6000 as well as the PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS. I have a decent HD camcorder for video, but it uses an oddball format, so I'd like to retire it as well as keep my kit simpler. I will be renting the FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS next week. I'm a little concerned that the best native lens is just 200mm. Before I go too far down the Sony path, I'm wondering I should keep my existing Sony combo for travel and general purpose only, or is there/will there be a path for getting a longer
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