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  1. I carefully cleaned the mirror and sensor with a puff brush cleaner with only puffed air. They both looked really clean already, going to an airshow this weekend to try out my newly cleaned A-68
  2. Thank you for your reply and ideas, I will give you an update on how they worked.
  3. Hello, I have a Sony A68 camera that I purchased used on eBay to use with my collection of Minolta A-mount lenses, including a Minolta 80-200 mm f 2.8 and a Minolta 28-70 mm f 2.8, and many others. I have been really disappointed with the quality of the images, they all look slightly fogged or like they were shot thru a dirty window. The camera appears to have had little use before me and the translucent mirror appears really crisp and clean when I look at it with the lens off. The images I get are in focus, just foggy. I have adjusted some of them in post to get them to be more bright but in low light it is really hard to get a decent image. Is this the price to pay for the simplicity of a translucent mirror that does not move? Or is this operator error? Maybe the camera could be set up differently? Most of my shots are taken in program. Anybody else had this issue?
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