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  1. It won’t focus and then when I take a photo it is like the photo sticks onto the screen and doesn’t move for a moment, even when I half press to focus to take another shot so then it delays me taking another photo. Very hard to explain. I guess the thing is, I take a photo and the shot stays on the screen even after I want to take another photo. Then it won’t take a photos until I turn the camera off and then back on again. Seems to only happen in manual modes - not auto modes.
  2. I have had my camera now for nearly 3 years and I love it. Most of the time. The last two times I have used my camera, the focus is starting to stick and the shutter button won’t work - mainly when I am in any other scene selection other than Auto. Also when I take a photo, it sits on the photo for a moment on screen before it moves on so I can’t take photos in quick succession as it isn’t focusing right. Any ideas? I will ring Sony in the morning. I haven’t taken to be serviced and that’s something I will do this week too.
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