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  1. You are correct Thank you. I got the idea off of a YouTube video.
  2. This is my composite of the eclipse reaching totality. Each photo is about 10 minutes apart until it reaches totality. I love the detail of the sun's corona. Seeing the picture after witnessing the eclipse is incredible. I feel so fortunate to have captured this magical moment. Gear used: Sony Alpha a6300 Orion ED80T Celestron AVX mount
  3. Thank you. I am currently re-touching the colors up. When I get a better image I will put it up on my website. Yes, the pink is the reflections from the prominences.
  4. I had a goal during the eclipse. To create and HDR photo of it. You can easily make out the surface of the moon, the suns corona and two large prominence's located at 1 and 3 o'clock. This image was created with 8 photos, processed in LightRoom and PhotoShop. This was my first eclipse and first time photographing an eclipse. What do you guys think? Gear used: Sony Alpha a6300 Orion ED80T - 720mm equiv Celestron AVX Crooked River Ranch, Oregon
  5. Thanks for the likes and messages on this photo. Here is another one. Feel free to ask me anything you like.
  6. I traveled out to Edwards Air Force Base a few weekends ago and was able to take this picture of my favorite plane, the SR-71 Blackbird. I was hoping for it to be a bit darker out there, I had to get creative in lightroom to make the final image you see. This plane is located at the heritage museum. There are some other ones there, but this had the best back drop. What do you think? If you have questions feel free to ask. Sony A7Sii Rokinon 14mm 13 sec ISO3200 f/2.8 Find me here: https://www.instagram.com/65_bomber/ https://photogoffy.com/
  7. Hi. Many thanks. It was shot at ISO 3200 and at f/2.8. I love all the Rokinon lenses and I recommend them. Where did you get your A7S modded at?
  8. Do you have any examples of what you shot? You might want to try shorter exposure times and then blend them together in Phtoshop.
  9. Here is a picture of the communications tower out by the Point Reyes Lighthouse. Shot with a Sony A7S and a Rokinon 14mm for 20 sec Feel free to ask me a question. I will gladly respond.
  10. The Potter School House in Bodega, CA. This was the house in the movie The Birds, by Alfred Hitchcock. Sony A6300 18mm f/4 25 sec ISO-400 This is also a straight RAW to JPEG conversion. The only thing I did was crop a little in lightroom. Please leave comments, good or bad.
  11. My greatest selfie ever! Same settings as the first one. This is also what your image will look like if you do not crop it.
  12. Some pictures I took tonight. I used my A7S with my Samyang 12mm. Came out pretty good I think. 20 sec ISO 1600 f2
  13. Thanks. This was taken at a friends house up by Skillman and Liberty Road.
  14. I finally found the milky way where I live, Petaluma CA. Please leave feedback. Thanks. Sony A7S w/ SEL2470 f4 ISO 6400 15s
  15. From the Good Guys Car Show in Pleasanton.
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