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    XKAES got a reaction from Pieter in Sony 200-600 mm Lens for Astrophotography?   
    Look at his specs.  This is nothing anyone can do with a Sony 200-600mm zoom.  Try it yours self.
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    XKAES got a reaction from LiveShots in First shot with Minolta MC Macro Rokkor 50mm f3.5   
    I just got this lens.  Here's my first shot -- geranium flower -- taken at 1:1 (1X, life-size).  1/15s at f11.  Sony a850 -- un-retouched using mirror lock- up and remote release.

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    XKAES got a reaction from davetuck in a-mount 600mm lens help please.   
    Really LONG A-mount (or E-mount) lenses can be hard to find and will be expensive, large and heavy -- whether zoom or fixed.
    For really long work, you might want to look at non-A-mount lenses.  They are, of course, non-auto-focusing, but are easy to find and much less expensive.  They can be found in refractive or reflexive models up to 2000mm -- and you will need an adapter.
    I have a Honeywell 1250mm f10 that I got for $100.
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