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    2WheelsGood reacted to Loren in Survey "What Sony Alpha Do You Have?"   
    Summer of 2020, I was counseled by a friend to hold off on the new Canon R6-- Sony was releasing a new video-oriented Alpha- which still looked like a DLSR! 
    My first Alpha was the SLT-A57, an APS-C kit which I rescued from the fire of 2015-- leaving my A1U CMOS camera to drown in fire water. I used the Alpha to document the fire which drove me and 35 neighboring residents out of our condos. I donated the edited result to the fire department- they loved it. I still use the A57 now and then.
    But when the A7Siii released I pounced, and added a big ole Sigma art lens. Three months later, it's completely tricked out with Sony parts, Smallrig cage and extras, plus Cavate, FilmCity, and Tllta gizmos. It's a United Nations camera system with parts from India, China, Japan, Taiwan...who knows where else? Maybe even US? And I can still lift it for verite shoots. It's a dream come true. Except.. where's the on switch agai- oh, there it is!
    Hope to learn nuances, hints, and tips about it right here, with focus on internal and Ninja V high end codecs and workflows.
    Best, as always,
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    2WheelsGood reacted to Thomas Horvat in A7SIII RAW are darker by 2 stops in Adobe PS and LR   
    Okay I figured it out. DRO was off but it seams gamma specifically in picture profiles messes up exposure. PP itself should have no impact on RAWs but only gamma inside PP plays a role so after switching PP off from PP8 (slog3 where gamma is different than PP off on default) I was able to get same exposed RAWs as when shot which is how it should be. So Picture profile was to blame. Thanks for all advices lads and hopefully this will serve someone with similar issue
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