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  1. Okay I figured it out. DRO was off but it seams gamma specifically in picture profiles messes up exposure. PP itself should have no impact on RAWs but only gamma inside PP plays a role so after switching PP off from PP8 (slog3 where gamma is different than PP off on default) I was able to get same exposed RAWs as when shot which is how it should be. So Picture profile was to blame. Thanks for all advices lads and hopefully this will serve someone with similar issue
  2. Guys, I have updated firmware on my Sony a7siii and I'm using newest LR but still whenever I import photos from sd to LR, preview looks normal but once I go to "develop" colours go darker by 2 stops at least. Sure I can push the shadows and exposure but that shouldn't be the case as I made sure my exposure is good. No settings are turned on in camera to cause this colour wise and even i tried changing setting is LR to default when importing but still raw image when going to "Develop" tab looks dark. Same thing is in Photoshop. I can't for life of me find a solution and no real solutions are found online. It drives me mad. I'm shooting with certain settings, zebras. Slog profile but none of that should affect raw file anyways. Any ideas guys I'd love to hear
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