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    thebeardedgroundsman got a reaction from Bill Steinmetz in Sony A68 being used with Minolta lenses   
    Good luck!
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    thebeardedgroundsman got a reaction from alasdairmac in Sony, No Military Support???   
    Which nation?
    Japan? China?Iraq? U.S.A.? Russia?
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    thebeardedgroundsman got a reaction from Pieter in Sony, No Military Support???   
    Which nation?
    Japan? China?Iraq? U.S.A.? Russia?
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    thebeardedgroundsman got a reaction from siamak in sony 12-24 f2.8 GM vs zeiss batiss 18f2.8+sony 24f1.4 GM   
    Personally I would go for the zoom lens rather than the 2 prime lenses, partly because of the versatility and partly because of the 12mm option. To my untrained eye, looking at samples on line, sharpness is excellent with all 3 lenses, but I suspect professionals might opt for the 2 prime lenses.
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    thebeardedgroundsman got a reaction from LiveShots in Minolta AF Reflex 500   
    This conversation started in the topic about whether to use filters or not.
    Where I thought my Minolta 500mm reflex could not take screw on filters, I was informed it could. I investigated furthether to find that the lens hood I thought was integral could indeed be removed to reveal an 82mm diameter thread. I've now bought myself a UV filter to protect the lens and have found my Firecrest filter system fits as well (for polarising and creative filters).
    To move forward... as Xykes says, I also believe this lens (or the Sony branded identical lens) to be the only Autofocus reflex lens ever produced.
    I love it, although it has a fixed aperture of f/8 and some people find "doughnutting" a problem with this type of lens. 
    It is the lightest lens in my kit, so I am happy to keep it in my bag, whereas my other 500mm lens tends to get left behind unless I am specifiacally going out after wildlife or the moon.
    I also find I can use it hand held for wildlife - not needing my monopod so much.
    Here are a couple of pics I have taken with it.

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    thebeardedgroundsman got a reaction from Rea in Is it a good time to buy the A6400?   
    It looks a good buy to me. Gadgety bits on cameras are being added very regularly nowadays, but some of the key points with digital cameras are:
    The size of the sensor. Full Frame gives the best quality for the same number of pixels (but are most expensive and tend to use  up memory - so many people only buy if they plan to print  big prints) APS-C sensors (as in the  alpha 6400 give good rendition on A3 paper and currently seem to be most popular with enthusiast photographers.
    Micro 4 thirds are smaller and are popular with photographers who like to travel light or be discreet (like street photographers) The sensor in smart phones have very small sensors, so (for the same number of pixels) have the least quality of image (This is not noticeable if you only keep your photos on a computer).
    The number of pixels on a sensor has an effect on quality - the higher the number, the better the quality but this requires more storage. I think most enthusiasts are happy with around 20MP. (But often dream of affording more!)
    Fast autofocus is nice.
    A 6400 doesn't have image stabilisation in the body but the kit lens options both have stabilisation in the lens.
    Hope this is of some use. Have fun exploring the realms of digital. There is a free on-line course which I found useful at https://chrisbrayphotography.com/courses/online/
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    thebeardedgroundsman got a reaction from SonyUser01 in Switch to a full frame Sony   
    I guess you're looking for e-mount so you can use your current lenses? The crunch specification you give is "not too expensive". 
    New, the Alpha 7 series full frame cameras start at £1000 with the A 7 II (body only). 
    I have not used one, but the specs appear to good for HD Video, 24 MP stills and good AF. 
    I think low light capability is partly related to the quality of your lenses, partly related to how well the software deals with noise  and then the quality of the sensor.
    Hopefully users of different A7 models can give you more insight.
    A couple of points from my experience of moving up to Full frame. I needed to upgrade my wide angle lenses because the APS-C lenses cropped out the corners of photos. Secondly, used gear from reputable camera shops or specialists like MPB can be very good value, allowing you to add a quality lens or two for what you would pay new.
    Good luck with your quest.
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    thebeardedgroundsman got a reaction from LiveShots in Mystical cold forest   
    Taken at -20 dogs. with a wind blowing in the forest around Levi in arctic Finland.
    An early attempt of mine at B&W conversion - not that it needed much as the snow is white and the sky is grey anyway!

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    thebeardedgroundsman got a reaction from LiveShots in Isolation   
    Anyone got photos capturing the feeling of Isolation?
    Here's my effort. Taken in Vesterålen Norway.

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    thebeardedgroundsman got a reaction from LiveShots in Black East Indian ducks   
    I spotted these two on my way home from work - I believe they are Black East Indian ducks (from America - not India)
    I spotted them as Black ducks through the reeds, but when I got closer the iridescence appeared.
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