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  1. What do folks here think of Sony's FE 24-70 3.5-5.6 (gulp) OSS kit lens for the a7ii? The price was right ($300, used, condition 9+ at B&H's Used department) , it carries the FE designation, meaning it's tailored for Full frame E-mount. It's got Optical Steadyshot. What could go wrong? (Geez, why did I just lose light when I zoomed to 70 mm?) Best as always, Loren
  2. They should allow it but don't expect it. When you tilt the camera and the monitor goes black, does the sensor for the EVF fire up, at least ? It almost looks like your camera's Level system is turning it on and off when it goes off axis! That possible? Does the monitor go black when you block the eyepiece at level? Could a nonstandard lens or something be giving the camera heartburn? Quite a puzzle. I have not seen this behavior on mine. Best as always, Loren
  3. I second switchable plate systems! I've become impressed with the Watson modular plate series; they make a Duo charger and a Compact Wall Charger, each able to receive cheap plates to accommodate specific batteries. This is pretty cool when you have one charger and three different battery needs. The Duo is usually shared between the a7Siii's battery, and the Atomos Ninja V battery, which is a honker compared. That size battery also powers the Great Video Maker Slider (I know, that name gave me pause as well, but it works!). Now that I've acquired an old A72 for more "casual" photography, I ordered a couple of plates for THAT battery (NP-FW50) and what do you know, with a switch-click, I have one charger for three different battery types. Pearson also uses the same plate system, interchangeably. The plates cost three bucks each at B&H. Best as always, Loren
  4. If you're talking about the soft black bars running horizontally in your snapshot, it's what VTC said. Might also be a magnetic field nearby. I haven't noticed it here, but I'm bypassing the display with a Ninja 5 via HDMI. If it's not that or the letterbox bars top and bottom, the display I see in your screen shot is the LEVEL tool, one of 4 screens available after the default cluttered-border opening screen. The Level indicator shows up solo on my A7Siii after three presses of the the DISP button - it's located on the north position of the back control wheel. It's a handy tool. The displays cycle on each press. Hope one of those solves your issue. There may be a firnware update which fixes it. Best, as always, Loren
  5. Not sure what's happening, but if you get good photo review under dial Photo select only, maybe that's a known limitation, especially if it's repeatable. I will test when i get a chance. It may also be needing a firmware update. Best, as always, Loren
  6. Most recent toy I got for mine is a SmallRig bluetooth remote. (I went big for Smallrig, cage, etc. No regrets.) They have since discontinued this cute lil remote, so it's probably folded into an existing handle offering. Mine is attached to their swivel mount, and often comes loose without asking. What other toys in camera, lenses and such? Latest firmware upgrade? Latest codec upgrades? Best, as always, Loren
  7. Summer of 2020, I was counseled by a friend to hold off on the new Canon R6-- Sony was releasing a new video-oriented Alpha- which still looked like a DLSR! My first Alpha was the SLT-A57, an APS-C kit which I rescued from the fire of 2015-- leaving my A1U CMOS camera to drown in fire water. I used the Alpha to document the fire which drove me and 35 neighboring residents out of our condos. I donated the edited result to the fire department- they loved it. I still use the A57 now and then. But when the A7Siii released I pounced, and added a big ole Sigma art lens. Three months later, it's completely tricked out with Sony parts, Smallrig cage and extras, plus Cavate, FilmCity, and Tllta gizmos. It's a United Nations camera system with parts from India, China, Japan, Taiwan...who knows where else? Maybe even US? And I can still lift it for verite shoots. It's a dream come true. Except.. where's the on switch agai- oh, there it is! Hope to learn nuances, hints, and tips about it right here, with focus on internal and Ninja V high end codecs and workflows. Best, as always, Loren
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