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  1. Agreed and when used with LAEA-5 with the right body camera it's AFing...So... it's a no brainer here.
  2. There are 2 things that you need to take into account. According to what you say, you have an APS-C e-mount A6000 and you would want to 1- Buy a 300 USD LAEA-5 adapter 2- Buy a DSLR full frame lens of 400 USD Well I think you make multiple mistakes here. The first one being that the LAEA-5 won't bring you no advantage against a LAEA-3 on your A6000 body Second would be, why would you use FF 24mm or 28mm which would give you an equivalent of 36mm to 42mm field of view ? And moreover they are heavy DSLR FF lenses. You would shell out loads of money that you could p
  3. Happy Sony SLT user here since 2012 with A58 entry level camera + KM d7D. Moved on in 2016 with A77m2, and continued in 2018 with A99m2. Eager to try A7Rm4 and A9m3 with LAEA-5 to compare both against A99m2 😋
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