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  1. Can people post examples of good quality filters that don't affect image quality?
  2. Y Thank you everyone for the advice. So I was able to get the Sony a7 iii from greentoe from authorized sony dealer with a year of warranty for $1520 shipped and taxes included, great deal (since I am in Michigan, that means $1430 before taxes). Super excited for my first full frame sensor and mirror less I have narrowed down few lenses for my first purchase. I am trying to not go crazy and get only the ones I know I will use regularly. 1. Tamron 28-75 - seems to be a great all around lenses. Price is higher than my other options below, and I seem to gravit
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum. I used to be an enthusiast about photography, and I have an old Canon T3I DSLR (crop sensor) and few lenses (50mm 1.8, sigma 30 1.4, tamron 70-300mm, sigma 17-70 macro). I like to shoot portrait of my family, and nature and pictures of products in general. It has been several years since I stopped shooting with DSLR, mainly because of life (busy, children), and because cellphones are better and better. However, my wife has a small etsy shop and we would like to get better pictures of her products/creations. I also love whisky, and
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