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  1. Hello, Please help. I photographed a race today and I was going through the photos and set a single 5* rating for a single photo and immediately the photo became "unable to display." then going through the other 700 they are all "unable to display." This is the first time i've ever rated a photo on the camera and was trying out the feature. When I try to look at DCIM folder on my mac it says that the entire card is free space. I am having a mild panic attack. When I look at the photos in my camera all 700 are there, but every single one is "unable to display" I'm going to dd dump it on my nix machine. But beyond that I have no idea what to do. specs: running ILCE-7M3 version 3.10 Card is a Sony 64gb SDXC I got at a walgreens I think so its probably real. Please help! Thanks
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