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  1. I’m new to photography and video. I want to shoot epic cinematic videos of the places I travel. I got the 6400 with the Sony 18-105 f4 and the sigma trio 16 30 and 56 all f1.4. Do I need all these? I also bought a dji ronin sc gimbal and a mavic air 2. And oh yeah gopro 9. Which of these lenses should o get rid of? Or should keep them? I’m keeping the 16 from sigma for sure but not sure if I need all the other ones. Advice needed to a newb lol
  2. So I decided to buy the 6400 over the a7iii because of price I put in an order for 4 lenses the 18-105 oss 4 and the sigma trio 16 30 and 56. I also got a robin sc gimbal pro. I want to make cinematic videos you see on YouTube I also have the mavic air 2 drone. Will this be enough for great quality? Do I really need all 4 lenses I know little about photography just basics I’d love to catch the Milky Way and northern lights so 1.4 is great but do I need the sigma trio? All three? Plus the 18 105 Sony Is it over kill for what I want to do?? Should I kick a lense or two off my order also I will p
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