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  1. Hi, It works with an external monitor plus HDMI(or with LapTop) but as i have to climb in the mountains with big slopes i'm searching to use my smartphone to avoid extra weight( just 8 kg face 60 ° slopes is just...tiring)... I've got 7D Canon and Dslr Remote Control or Camera Pro Control are well working with USB..Sony remain a special case. With wifi, it works but too much manipulations to do, lagging time to high and so on...
  2. Hi, I'm in research for remote control A7 R2 with smartphone via USB too...I'v been searching since.....and nothing found. As i asked RupiApps(camera Pro Control) for this app to work with USB/Sony, they told me that Sony are very...secret and it would be difficult to " code" the language(s) to make it working for Sony...So as Hamzah, still searching...If find something i will inform you.. HB
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