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  1. Hi Makeev, I think I may have fixed some of the latency problem. I have reset the camera to factory settings, there is no more latency for shooting video. Now I just need to learn how to optimize and shoot video. Using the camera as a webcam though is another issue. There is still latency when used as a webcam. I have down loaded Sony webcam software and am a little confuse on how it works. The app Icon is not like the Imaging Edge one it is called USB reset, I don't know why it isn't Sony Imaging Edge Webcam. Can you help me out with advice on how to use the Imaging Edge Webcam? As a webcam it seems I need a capture card and ODS software. would you be able to advise me on how to configure the set-up for high quality streaming? Thank you Thank you
  2. I have such horrible issues with latency I can't shoot a video that looks good. It's so bad I can't get anything to work right. I have followed instruction for many video set-ups and I just can't seem to get it. I am using the supplied USB cable, I have tried a few cables they all work. I bought this camera on the fact that it shoots excellent video, I just want to throw this thing in the can. Can someone help me figure this out, thank you,
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