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  1. COME ON SONY. Would be nice to have this finally fixed.... This is so major issiue I cant literally do any close up shots with AF and can use only MF.. My a73 is better this this... come one. FIX IT PLS!
  2. Yeah I made two topics and I am so surprise they still didn't fix it. More surprise nobody notice like how.. This is so big and no more posts? I don't get it. Don't worry it's a general issue. I tried it with every a7s3 I got to my hands. It's global bug.. Hopefuly they will fix it soon since on detail shots I have to use my old a73..
  3. I can now confirm its a global problem. Yesterday I tested it on multiple cameras they all do. Just test it for yourself. Focus mode on spot L/M (doesnt matter) put 50 or 85 lens, two objects close to each other and just go from one to another and you will see it will jump. mabye 2-3 will be fine but then its start. Its a software issiue and we need to wait for the fix. But question is, do they know about this. its impassible to do any details with this. I jast cant go from eye to sunglasses or from ring to hand without using MF. AF just jump instatly cant do anything about it.
  4. Yeah I am surprise too, like this is huge I cant do any detail shots and I thought ok, this is not correct update will fix it but no. but still wierd is I did not saw any topics about it and people had to notice this like idk its wierd because I asked multiple ppl and they noticed it so its not only problem with my camera but no fix yet.
  5. No it´s still happening even after update. Change doesnt help I found out it´s doing on all cameras I made new video were you can see thi jumping issiue and after you zoom out and go back is working for a sec and then jumping again: still waiting for fix. i am just surprised noone is talking about this. Its happening in all details. Like when you go from eye to mouth etc.
  6. AF doesnt work properly on A7s3 and I tested it with other friends that have also a7s3 and same problem so its not a body but software. You can see how it jump and I had speed on 3 - after I focus more for distance and come back it works fine but after while jump again. This happening only in detailes that are close to each other and on lenses 50mm+ Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77O2DBQZvOU
  7. Well I am colm since I bought it officialy in the shop so I will get repair, or change. Nothing to worry about But since I was almost first in our country to own this camera, I know they will not be able to change it anyway since they dont have more and we are under lockdown right now anyway. So nothing to do. I still have my old a73 so I can work no problemo.
  8. UPDATE My friend just got his own a7s3 and we tested it out and everythig worked fine on his. So bad copy for me ? firmware update might help to fix this in future.
  9. Yes I can confirm now. Tamron 28-75 same problem on 50mm But on 28mm it works fine Another issues I found are during 1 day shooting, 5 times my af touch display function stoped working. Just froze. I had to turn on and off camera and worked fine after. And that is not a big problem, but sometimes % on battery life are just gone and also you have to restart camera to get it back. And this one i need to investigate more, cuz I think it is SD card problem. I have v30 and should be fine on 4k50, but sometimes I get some wierd fps drops and video is choppy.
  10. Hi, Since I bought new sony a7s3 Im having issiue with AF. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeopdCOqgQo No matter what settings I have, I can set it to speed 1 and sensitivity 1 and still do the same. On the larger distance its works fine, but in close ups, its just jumping instantly. Also when I do some movement to the object it just go blur, jump focus, blur jump focus. I cant find any other topic about it and I cant beleave, nobody wouldnt notice this. Might be just bad piece idk.
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