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  1. Hi. As per another post, I am having issues with a La-ea4. My question is...if this was on a Sony A7 mkII but is now on a Sony A7 mkI, would the firmware from the MkII update the La-ea4 so that it operates differently when placed on a mkI? Alan.
  2. This seems to be relating to the Aperture. If I set a custom button to DOF preview, the aperture does not get applied to the lens and after 3 cycles it comes up with F--. Also as I was performing long exposures I hadn't noticed the real issue. If I set aperture to f4, for example, the image was fine. If I set it to f16, the image was blown (in aperture mode). It seems that the aperture I set on camera was not working with the lens and it was shooting wide open with a shutter speed to match the aperture I had selected. Any help or advice would be great. I have cleaned the contacts but no go. I have contacted SOny who recommmended a repair. Alan
  3. Hi folks. I have an observation on the La-ea4 if someone can verify? Using a Minolta Maxxum 28-135 on a Sony A7 I was shooting in manual mode. The focus was also set to manual as I was using auto focus to get my subject, turning to manual then placing a screw on 10-stop filter. When I took the shot, the focus went to infinity and I could not see the aperture on the screen...it came up as F--. Turning of an on the camera realigned the info. But this necessitated having to remove the filter, focus again...etc. I may get a couple of shots before the aperture went but needed to refocus each time. Any similar observations or thoughts? Alan
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