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  1. I have no idea what frequency is used. But I just tried opening the file in audacity and it gives the same error saying: "[the file] is an Advanced Audio Coding-file. Audacity can't open the FFmpeg-library ... Convert it to WAV or AIFF." I am starting to believe it is an error in the camera codec. It's the first Alpha series camera with four sound channels.
  2. Ive tried both 2 and 4 channel 24bit settings - but there is no playback except in camera! 16 bit 2 channel works fine.
  3. I've just started using the new Sony A7s III with the XLR-K3M sound adapter enabling 4 channel 24 bit audio recording. But when I import files to my MacBook Pro, the sound will not playback when sound is recorded in 24bit. VLC gives the error "Codec not supported. VLC could not decode the format "ipcm" and in Final Cut X the clips appear to be video only. I cannot find anything about "ipcm" anywhere or anyone experiencing the same problem. And I am unsure if it is a problem with the Macbook or with the camera. The sound plays back fine in the camera. Any idea?
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