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  1. Some form of glare was my inital thoughts too, but don't have a second lens to test with it just now. What's really strange is the out of Camera JPG's are not affected and only the raw files as i shoot both raw/jpg at the same time. Have tried it in a few different software packages like camera raw/ lightroom and on1. They all have the profiles for this lens so its not down to software i don't think 😕
  2. Don't know if this should be in the camera section or the lens section ..... This sample is of a night shot that i took at night @f16 on the above lens. Does anyone here know what these circular bands are ???. Its present on Raw files when i try and crank the exposure up a little in post. It happens with or without a polarising filter as i thought it might have been from some sort of glare from the diaphragm on the sensor. Any ideas ???
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